Our goal is to bring physicians and providers simple technology that makes practicing medicine easier for you and more convenient for your patients. Access better science, unlock hidden risk and shift to data-driven visits. At no cost to you.

Increased Convenience and Compliance

An estimated 30% of physician-ordered tests never take place. Iggbo can come to your practice or go to your patient's home, and Iggbo's reminder process uses text, email and telephone reminders to keep appointments on track.

Set Test Appointments Any Time, Any Place

Our easy to use online interface lets you set appointments now or later, in your office, at a convenient draw center, or at your patient's home or business. You can set one-time or follow-up tests weeks or months in advance.

Shift to Data-Driven Visits

With Iggbo, physicians benefit from having data before the patient visit rather than the hassle of having to follow up.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Iggbo offers physicians a way to quickly arrange diagnostic testing - from general tests to specialty labs - that can improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Order In-office Phlebotomy

Iggbo's nationwide network of over 8,000 phlebotomy specialists means that any provider can instantly place a phlebotomist inside your practice precisely when you need them most. And our advanced and automated technology will monitor, track, and manage every step of the collection process for you.

Our system was built to benefit your practice and your patients

  • Instantly access today's most advanced diagnostic science.

  • Improve practice efficiency and scheduling capabilities by eliminating follow up calls and missed appointments.

  • Give your patients more privacy for their medical testing.

  • Access phlebotomy and other testing without asking your patients to go to multiple locations.

  • Our reminder system means no more missed appointments.

  • More patient compliance means more meaningful patient visits.

  • Digitally track every test and receive timely results.